Ngarla's place name for Solitary Island is Jarrkunpungu. The origin for Jarrkunpungu is a Dreaming story: 

Marnmulkura, an Ancestral Being (an octopus) attempted to steal a firestick from the people. When Marnmulkura was descending into the ocean, Winti-Winti the nankeen kestrel intercepted him and snatched the firestick from him. Marnmulkura instantly turned to stone, becoming Solitary Island

(J. Brown Snr pers. comm. 2016). 

The use of the tingkiri (stingray), wirnti-wirnti (kestrel), yuta (fish) and manmarlkura (octopus) is to show the connection of the Ngarla People to the land and both salt and fresh waters.