The Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (ICN 4695) is the registered Prescribed Body Corporate that holds native title rights and interests on trust for the Ngarla People.

The Ngarla People have worked hard for their native title.  They successfully negotiated with the State of Western Australia for a consent determination in 2007 for a substantial area of Ngarla country (Brown (on behalf of the Ngarla People) v State of Western Australia [2007] 203 FCR 505). This however, was followed by two further litigated determinations in the Federal Court of Australia and High Court of Australia where the Ngarla People were successful in showing their continued connection to country and practice of Ngarla lore, culture and custom (Brown (on behalf of the Ngarla People v State of Western Australia (No. 3) [2010] and State of Western Australia v Alexander Brown & Ors [2014] HCA 8.

Importantly, the Ngarla People engage in Ngarla lore, culture and custom in their continued care and protection of country. The importance of native title for the Ngarla People extends to the education and employment of future generations of Ngarla People; continuing their sacred attachment to the land from generation to generation.