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The Ngarla People are the traditional owners who speak for the spectacular and sacred 80 Mile Beach Marine Park (RAMSAR site) to the west of Pardoo Station and Jarrkurnpang Nature Reserve. The land and waters in the adjacent eastern portion of the 80 Mile Beach Marine Park extends into the traditional lands of the Karajarri and Nyangumarta People.  

Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation together with the Department of Parks and Wildlife jointly manages 80 Mile Beach Marine Park.  The Ngarla Rangers are active in the conservation and management of 80 Mile Beach Marine Park and have achieved wonderful outcomes. Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation could not be prouder. For more information on Flatback Turtle monitoring please see here.

Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation is developing tourism ventures to showcase the 80 Mile Beach Marine Park in accordance with the the Ngarla People’s lore, culture and custom. In the meantime, if you are ever in this beautiful part of Ngarla country please come and say hello to the Ngarla Rangers.  You never know they maybe able to show you a jajarruka (sea turtle).

To get to know the Ngarla Rangers and their work please click on the below images.